For over a decade the Dialogue on Aging public presentations  have provided learning opportunities for seniors and others via a  range of topics and a variety of speakers - researchers, clinicians and  others who  bring an array of expertise and experience.

This year we are pleased to announce our partnership with the Edwin S.H. Leong Centre for Healthy Aging, UBC to expand the delivery of our free in person and virtual public presentations on healthy aging.

Every 3 to 4 months there is a new theme for the presentations. Each theme includes an in-person lecture at a local and accessible Vancouver venue, with free refreshments, as well as 2 to 3 virtual presentations.

Our Theme for Spring 2024 is Society, Culture and Aging:

April 17, 2024
Virtual Presentation at 2 PM

Dr. Kow will discuss a range of strategies that seniors with diverse abilities and needs can use to strengthen and sustain their well-being. These include building resilience, recognizing the significance of maintaining purpose and meaning in life, and using creative ways to address issues of frailty.


May 31, 2024
Virtual Presentation at 2 PM

The presentation will describe the reckoning that has begun as we evolve from an ageist society, and how the identity of aging is changing.

June 17, 2024
Dr. Samir Sinha. More details to follow!

Our Theme for Winter was Mental Health and Aging:

March 27, 2024
VanDusen Garden

Dr. Puterman presented information about the wide scope of stressful experiences that impact our health and wellbeing, the pathways through which these occur, and what we can do about it. Specifically, he presented findings from a set of studies showing how movement-based activities can promote health and wellbeing, even deep into our cells, in adults undergoing adversity across the life course.


February 14, 2024
Virtual Presentation

Our personal narratives, mental models and mindsets help us make sense of the world, our relationships and the events of our lives. They can provide us with a sense of meaning and purpose but they may also limit and constrain us. In this presentation, you will learn how we create our stories and how we can adapt and transform them to achieve our positive potential in this life and experience greater peace and happiness. 


January 24, 2024
Virtual Presentation

The THRIVE© Approach to Wellbeing uniquely integrates key findings from science of well-being, brain neuroplasticity, resilience, preventative medicine, and behaviour change.

Dialogue on Aging Presentations 2023 Recordings

Innovating Together: Co-Developing Tech Solutions in the UBC IDEA Lab - Lillian Hung, Dec 6. WATCH RECORDING

Alzheimer Society of BC Interview with Barbara Lindsay and Jim Mann, December 6. WATCH RECORDING

Digital Care Work - Kim Sawchuk, Nov 7. WATCH RECORDING

Measured, monitored, optimized: Digital technologies and quantified aging - Barbara Marshall, October 18.

Can Dementia be Prevented? - Serge Gauthier, April 21. WATCH RECORDING

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