Dialogue on Aging Presentations 2022

During COVID-19 we are pleased to create new virtual learning opportunities for seniors and others across British Columbia. These Dialogue on Aging programs include a range of topics and a variety of speakers -  researchers, clinicians and  others who  bring an array of expertise and experience. Registration is easy. No fee.  Join us and keep connected online.

Video recordings are available for many of the past presentations.

JUNE 14, 2022 - 2 PM Register Now

Join the dialogue on June 14 with two engaging speakers.

A Mindful Way to Working Wisely with Worry. 

Heathy Aging vs. “Anti-Aging ‘’

March 15, 2022:

Model of Care Redesign, Providence Living


The Power of Nature: Promoting Wellbeing During COVID-19 and Beyond


Two experienced nature therapy providers introduced the science and practice of mindful nature connection (otherwise referred to as forest bathing or shinrin-yoku) as an enjoyable way to promote health and wellbeing.

Dr. Krogh explained the neuroscience underlying virtual and onsite nature-connection programs that facilitate an embodied connection to the natural world. She also gave an overview of forest medicine research that documents measurable improvements in mood, immune function, cognitive clarity, social connection, and creativity. 

Read Dr. Krogh's Bio. 

Paul Gauthier, who is actively engaged in coordinating peer support networks at a community level, shared uplifting participant stories, including his own. He illustrated the various ways seniors, caregivers, and people living with mobility impairments have incorporated nature connection into their lives to foster personal resiliency and build a sense of community. 

Read Paul Gauthier's Bio. 

Dialogue on Aging Presentations 2021 Recordings 

Preventing and Treating Depression as We Age - David Conn. WATCH RECORDING

Keeping Healthy During COVID-19 - Janet Kow. WATCH RECORDING

Music and Well-being: the Sound Track of Our Lives - Susan Summers. WATCH RECORDING

Equip Yourself: Key Skills for Self-Advocates - Katie Hoy. WATCH RECORDING

From Surviving to Thriving During the Pandemic...and Beyond: Practical Strategies to Cope with Agining, Uncertainty and the Challenges of Life - Davidicus Wong. WATCH RECORDING

Exercising for Life: for Seniors of All Ages & Abilities - Nancy Cho. WATCH RECORDING

The Impact of COVID-19 and Moving Forward - Isobel Mackenzie. WATCH RECORDING

COVID-19 and Dementia: Strategies, Learnings and Support - Mariana Hudson and Avery Milne. WATCH RECORDING

Dementia and Persons Rights During COVID-19 - Krista James, Canadian Centre for Elder Law, BC.  WATCH RECORDING

The Art of Living Well with Dementia: a Conversation about Creativity - Susan Cox and Myrna NormanWATCH RECORDING 

Hearing, Language and Music for Brain Health - Kathy Pichora-Fuller. WATCH RECORDING

Growing Older and Wiser  - Mindfulness and Aging - Elisabeth Drance. WATCH RECORDING

Supporting Seniors Well Being - Penny MacCourt. ​WATCH RECORDING

Dialogue on Aging Presentations 2020 Recordings

Looking at Life from Both Sides Now - B. Lynn Beattie. WATCH RECORDING 

Maximizing Your Brain's Health in Uncertain Times - Alex Henri-Bhargava. WATCH RECORDING

The Fountain of Health: Practical Tools for Positive Mental Health - Paul Blackburn. WATCH RECORDING

Sleep Health for a COVID-19 World - Glenn J Landry. WATCH RECORDING

The future is here: Choosing new technologies to support healthy brain aging - Julie Robillard. WATCH RECORDING

Move More During COVID-19 - Eli Puterman. WATCH RECORDING

Staying Connected During COVID-19 - Lillian Hung. WATCH RECORDING