During COVID-19 we are pleased to create new virtual learning opportunities for seniors and others across British Columbia. These Dialogue on Aging programs include a range of topics and a variety of speakers -  researchers, clinicians and  others who  bring an array of expertise and experience. Registration is easy. No fee.  Join us and keep connected online.

Dialogue on Aging Presentations 2022 Recordings 

Inspiring Aging-Friendly Communities

Panel Alzheimer Society of BC - WATCH RECORDING
Dawn Hemmingway - WATCH RECORDING

Social Prescribing: Bridging healthcare and continuing services: Panel

A Mindful Way to Working Wisely with Worry - Elisabeth Drance. WATCH RECORDING

Healthy Aging vs. "Anti-Aging" - Janet Kow. WATCH RECORDING

Model of Care Redesign, Providence Living - Mark Blandford. WATCH RECORDING

The Power of Nature: Promoting Wellbeing During COVID-19 and Beyond - Kari Krogh and Paul Gauthier. WATCH RECORDING 

Dialogue on Aging Presentations 2021 Recordings 

Preventing and Treating Depression as We Age - David Conn. WATCH RECORDING

Keeping Healthy During COVID-19 - Janet Kow. WATCH RECORDING

Music and Well-being: the Sound Track of Our Lives - Susan Summers. WATCH RECORDING

Equip Yourself: Key Skills for Self-Advocates - Katie Hoy. WATCH RECORDING

From Surviving to Thriving During the Pandemic...and Beyond: Practical Strategies to Cope with Agining, Uncertainty and the Challenges of Life - Davidicus Wong. WATCH RECORDING

Exercising for Life: for Seniors of All Ages & Abilities - Nancy Cho. WATCH RECORDING

The Impact of COVID-19 and Moving Forward - Isobel Mackenzie. WATCH RECORDING

COVID-19 and Dementia: Strategies, Learnings and Support - Mariana Hudson and Avery Milne. WATCH RECORDING

Dementia and Persons Rights During COVID-19 - Krista James, Canadian Centre for Elder Law, BC.  WATCH RECORDING

The Art of Living Well with Dementia: a Conversation about Creativity - Susan Cox and Myrna NormanWATCH RECORDING 

Hearing, Language and Music for Brain Health - Kathy Pichora-Fuller. WATCH RECORDING

Growing Older and Wiser  - Mindfulness and Aging - Elisabeth Drance. WATCH RECORDING

Supporting Seniors Well Being - Penny MacCourt. ​WATCH RECORDING

Dialogue on Aging Presentations 2020 Recordings

Looking at Life from Both Sides Now - B. Lynn Beattie. WATCH RECORDING 

Maximizing Your Brain's Health in Uncertain Times - Alex Henri-Bhargava. WATCH RECORDING

The Fountain of Health: Practical Tools for Positive Mental Health - Paul Blackburn. WATCH RECORDING

Sleep Health for a COVID-19 World - Glenn J Landry. WATCH RECORDING

The future is here: Choosing new technologies to support healthy brain aging - Julie Robillard. WATCH RECORDING

Move More During COVID-19 - Eli Puterman. WATCH RECORDING

Staying Connected During COVID-19 - Lillian Hung. WATCH RECORDING